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There are currently four different sub brands of Duracell Alkaline batteries. ALL Duracell batteries are NOT the same...some last longer than others, some have been introduced more recently to compete on price as Duracell have always been more expensive than other brands ...primarily because they spend the most on advertising...which is expensive and has to be paid for... by you the consumer.

DURACELL PLUS...These are the updated version that is closest to the original Duracell coppertop from the 1960s. Vastly improved performance and life compared to the 'classic' originals. They are now the second longest lasting Duracell out of the four and are great for all round general use although many people now use rechargeables in high demand appliances where once they would have used these.

DURACELL ULTRA...introduced as a longer lasting 'premium' alkaline battery compared to Duracell Plus. Better suited to digital cameras, portable CD players, handheld GPS, flashguns etc and other high drain applications. Have been around for several decades now but are still inferior to rechargeables for high drain applications in both performance and cost.

DURACELL or packs marked 'Economy'...these are the shortest life Duracell...still very good performers but deliberately kept closer to the performance of the original Duracell from the 1960s to differentiate them from their better siblings. Tend to be sold in pound shops and market stalls as cost is their main attraction.

SIMPLY DURACELL...These were introduced less than a decade ago to offer a battery that is attractively packaged to appear visually closer to Duracell Plus, but at a reduced cost...albeit they tend to last about 10-20% less than the Duracell Plus...but will last longer than the cheapest DURACELL (Economy). Popular in the discount stores and supermarkets where they are often bought by consumers thinking they are the 'normal' Duracell at a 'good' price.

In my opinion Duracell would be better off reverting to just two batteries...the PLUS and ULTRA as their existing line-up just confuses people.

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