Battery Sizes


I've done a brief table illustrating the capacity of each battery in milliampere hours (mAh).

Assuming that other variables like temperature, age and condition of battery are identical then the higher the figure in the table ...the longer the battery will last. 

You will also need to take into account the price of each battery because the longest lasting battery in each of the five sizes won't necessarily be the best value for money. Some people will want the longest lasting battery and price will be secondary, whilst others will want a good performing battery giving the best 'value for money'...others will prefer a trade off choosing the middle option.

All capacities have been taken from manufacturers own webpages or publicly released information. A word of caution though...manufacturers assume a cut-off voltage of just 0.8v...this in my view is unrealistic as most appliances designed to work at 1.5v or multiples of, are unlikely to function to any usable extent at 0.8v or multiples of. To use a motoring is akin to car manufacturers quoting mpg figures based on a car going round a track at a constant speed compared to real life driving conditions...stop/start in urban areas where mpg figures will be lower.

Anyway here goes...


                  Philips Ind.              Energizer Ind.             Procell.             Procell Intense.

AA              2600                           2850                              3016                3112         

AAA            1120                          1200                               1236                1461

               7200                           8350                              8100

D               14500                        20500                            15476

9v               550                             600                                673


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