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                    February 2024...'Power Cut'

Special offer this month on the Duracell Optimum 8-pack retail batteries. Duracell's premier alkaline retail battery.

These are long lasting AA disposable batteries optimized for medium-high drain appliances as seen on TV over the Christmas period.

These batteries have replaced Duracell Ultra at the top of the Duracell battery range and come with a long shelf life although I wouldn't be inclined to purchase more than you could hope to use in about 9-12 months.

I've priced these very competitively but have only got a few dozen packs at this price.

         PRICE:  £6.95 per pack of 8, 3 packs for £19.90.                                                      Exp: MAR 2032

                                       Made in Belgium


        Just a brief update on my stock and service:  Generally quite well stocked at the moment although the JCB CR2032 6-pack have run out as have the JCB AAA-900mAh capacity rechargeables. Should be restocking these in early-mid February.

This cold weather will see off batteries that are close to the end of their life...smoke alarms, doorbell batteries and torch batteries tend to run out at this time of year. I have plenty of replacements in stock although the doorbell 12v 23A batteries are getting low.

At the moment there is no indication of any delays to batteries at a wholesale level as a result of Red Sea conflict but i'll keep alert to this.

If you would prefer to pick up batteries from me for whatever reason...feel free to do so. Just call first on my landline (01606 77232) to confirm details and hopefully avoid a wasted journey. 

You can pay cash on delivery or by online bank transfer in advance...whichever you prefer. Please contact me for my bank details and always check each and every time you wish to pay online transfer just in case something has changed, to confirm price and stock availability.

Delivery to be made at a mutually convenient time but as always I will strive to offer same day service. Deliveries are generally 'morning', 'afternoon' or 'evening'

For health reasons my very basic 2G phone is not always on.

I do turn it on sometimes during the day to check for messages but prefer to use a landline or email. My son Ross is happy to accept incoming texts on his phone on my behalf and will pass them to me promptly.

To ORDER or ENQUIRE please call Karl on 01606 77232 (landline)

                or   Text Ross: on 07311 260557

 or Email:


If you try to contact me and haven't had a response within 24 hours then assume the call/email never reached me. Please feel free to knock on my door if you are having trouble getting hold of me.

                    Many thanks.

                    Karl Thurston

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