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Assorted Lithium Camera Batteries

Panasonic CR123A 3v Lithium 2-pack

Also known as DL123A / CR17345

Great value pack of 2 of these popular batteries. Used in 35mm film cameras, torches, wireless PIR/Alarm systems, various meters and other appliances.

Buy 1-2 packs of 2 for £3.50 per pack

Buy 3 packs of 2 for £10.20

Buy 6 packs of 2 for £20.30

Best Before 01-2027

Made in Indonesia

Panasonic 2CR5 6v camera battery

Once very popular for 35mm film cameras which are now enjoying a renewal of interest. I have decided to re-stock this battery.

Buy 1-2 for £4.59 each,

Buy 3-5 for £4.49 each.

Best Before 2027

Panasonic CRP2 6V camera battery

Due to the increasing popularity of 35mm film cameras which are staging a 'comeback' i've decided to re-stock this once popular battery.

Buy 1-2 for £4.59 each

Buy 3-5 for £4.49 each.

Best Before 2026

Panasonic CR2 3v camera battery

Also known as DL CR2 / KCR2/  CR17355

Are also used in some other gadgets/appliances as well. Great quality battery from one of the biggest suppliers of lithium batteries to the UK market. 

Price: Buy 1-2 batteries for £2.05 each,

           Buy 3-5 batteries for £1.98 each,

           Buy 6-9 batteries for £1.92 each.

           Buy a box of 10 for £18.50

      Best Before 01-2024

ENERGIZER CR123 3V Lithium batteries

Great quality battery from Energizer, found in lots of cameras especially 35mmm film cameras and increasingly popular as a torch battery. Also used in some wireless PIR security sensors. Long life and lasts for ages in storage. 

Price:  Buy 1-2 batteries for £1.95 each,

            Buy 3-5 batteries for £1.87 each,

            Buy 6-9 batteries for £1.80 each.

DURACELL ULTRA DL123 3V Lithium camera Battery

Single pack, used in cameras, torches and wireless PIR.

Price: £2.39

Last one at this price

ENERGIZER CR2 3V Lithium battery

Used in some 35mm SLR cameras, early digital compact cameras and in some torches and other appliances. Very long last lasting battery and has a good storage life.

Price: £2.10 each 

Very low stocks

ENERGIZER CRV3 Lithium camera battery

Single pack of this popular camera battery. Energizer quality and long life.

Price:  Buy 1-2 for £5.00 each

            Buy 3-5 for £4.90 each

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