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9V Batteries, Alkaline, Lithium and Zinc


Duracell's mid range smoke alarm battery...also used in remote controlled toys, multi-meters, alarms, PA systems, mics, guitar tuners, bathroom scales, walkie talkies and lots more.

Good performance from the market leading brand at a fair a useful size pack...particularly at this time of year.

Buy a pack of 4 for £9.25

Dated : 01-2026

Made in China


Duracell mid level smoke alarm batteries...also used in remote controlled toys, multimeters, Carbon Monoxide meters, alarms, PA systems, mics and loads more.

Very popular purchase.

Buy 1 pack of 2 for £5.25 per pack

Dated: 01/2026

Made in China


Maxell Alkaline 9v single pack

Basic alkaline battery for toys, meters and can be used in smoke alarms. Excellent value for money as will last 2-3 times longer than the cheaper zinc battery but costs typically just 1.5-2 times the price of the zinc battery.

Well known brand name and the battery is actually made in the EU.

Price:  £1.10 each or buy 3 for £3.25

or buy 6 for £6.30

Best Before : 01/25

They are not cheap but then again quality never is. Lots of 'peace of mind' with this battery.

Buy a single battery for £7.25

Buy 3 batteries for £21

Energizer Lithium 9V 

These lithium batteries are extremely long a smoke alarm in domestic premises they should last at least 5 years. Also ideal for expedition use and are virtually immune to both high and low temperatures we typically get here in the UK...unlike traditional alkaline batteries which will self discharge more quickly in very hot or cold weather.

Use By 12-2028

Made in China

JCB Super Alkaline 9V (LR22)

Great value 4-pack of these popular batteries used in smoke alarms, handheld meters, toys,bathroom scales, bait alarms, guitar tuners, PA systems...These will last almost as long as Duracell Plus.

Buy 1 pack of 4 for £5 

Buy 2 packs of 4 for £9.85

Dated 2025

Made in China

Procell by Duracell, 9v Alkaline Box of 10

Quality, reliable performer aimed at 'Professional' users.

Similar battery underneath the label to Duracell Ultra retail battery...but cheaper as bulk packaged. Compact packaging takes up less storage space than retail packaging and is more environmentally friendly as there is less of it.

Uses: Smoke, Carbon Monoxide alarms, multimeters, R/C toys, bathroom scales, bait alarms, PA systems, mics, guitar tuners...

Buy a box of 10 for £12.25

Date: MAR 2024

Made in China

Energizer Industrial 9v Alkaline, 12 pack

New range to me. Excellent quality batteries to fit nicely in between Philips Industrial and Procell. Great for smoke alarms, multimeters, Carbon Monoxide meters, radio controlled toys, bathroom scales, PA systems, guitar tuners, bait alarms and many more appliances.

When comparing the price of these, remember they are packed in 12s not 10s like their competitors.

Buy a box of 12 for £13.95

Dated: 12-2025

Made in China

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