AA Batteries, Alkaline, Zinc, and Lithium

Energizer Industrial AA pack of 10

An excellent quality long life alkaline battery aimed at business and corporate users but equally at home in the domestic environment.

These batteries fit nicely into my existing range of 'Industrial' batteries...they are longer lasting than the Philips Industrial but slightly less so than the Procell equivalent. priced accordingly.

Like other Industrial batteries they are in very compact packaging reducing storage space and produce less packaging waste.

Ideal for medium-heavy duty applications...Xbox, motorized toys, torches, GPS, radios, handheld gadgets, weather stations...

PRICE:  Buy 1-2 packs of 10 for £3.75 per pack

            Buy 3 packs of 10 for £11.00

            Buy 6 packs of 10 for £21.50

            Mix and Match with AAA size as both same price.

           Date: Use Before 12-2032

           Made in China

JCB Super Alkaline AA pack of 18

Great value large pack of this very popular battery. Use in appliances that are medium to high drain or continuous drain like clocks. Ideal for toys. Excellent in torches as well.Probably the best value for money AA battery I sell. I use these myself.



These are the Philips Industrial/Professional battery. Similar performance to Simply Duracell retail batteries but cheaper.

They won't last as long as the PROCELL Constant battery...probably about 80-85% as long lasting...but better value for money as much cheaper and perfectly adequate for most people most of the time. Good for low-medium duty applications. Excellent for indoor and outdoor Chrsitmas lights and toys.

Come in very compact packaging wrapped in a layer of cellophane ...so well sealed and moisture resistant. Long date too.

Buy 1-2 boxes of 10 for £3.15 per box

Buy 3-5 boxes of 10 for £3.10 per box

Buy 6-9 boxes of 10 for £3.05 per box

Can Mix and Match with AAA as same price

Expiry Date 08-2031

Made in China


Rebadged again as of late 2022. This latest version of the Duracell Industrial battery retains the long life and high quality of its predecessor. A very good quality, everyday general purpose battery. As supplied to schools, NHS, Armed Forces, govt departments, large companies...

For very heavy duty applications like digital cameras, handheld GPS etc you are still better off with rechargeables which will offer better value for money long-term,or lithium disposables but these will perform reasonably well in high drain devices...great in torches, radios, X-Box, photo gear, blood pressure monitors and other health gadgets, weather stations, toys, wireless fires and heating systems and much more.

Made in Poland

Buy 1 pack of 18 for £3.75

Buy 2 packs for £7.40

 Mix and Match AA/AAA as both same price.

Best Before: 2029

Made in China



Panasonic Zinc AA 6+2 packs

Excellent value battery for low drain appliances. Great for TV/DVD remote controls, clocks, torches,  indoor lights ...Not suitable for outdoor use or for high drain gadgets/appliances.

Buy 1 pack of 8 for £1.15 

Buy 3 packs for £3.30

Buy 6 packs for £6.30

Dated: 11-2024

PROCELL Intense AA box of 10

Latest 'Industrial' offering from Duracell. These are the highest capacity alkaline AA batteries of 1.5v nominal rating available in the UK. These run alongside the Procell Constant range but are aimed at applications that are used briefly but intermittently like automatic soap dispensers, salt and pepper grinders...you get the idea? Their chemical composition gives them the edge over Constant batteries for these sort of things but makes them less suitable for most 'everyday' usage for which the Constant would be a better choice.

BUY 1 box of 10 for £4.95

BUY 3 boxes of 10 for £14.60

BUY 6 boxes of 10 for £28.80

Can mix and match with AAA version at the same price if you wish.

Best Before MAR 2027

Made in China

Buy 2 packs of 10 for £39

Use by 12-2042 ! 

Made in Singapore

Energizer Max AA 4+4

Quality Alkaline battery from a major brand. Ideal for toys, computer gaming consoles and other medium-high drain appliances. Similar performance to Duracell Plus competitor but about 20% cheaper.

Buy 1-2 packs for £3 per pack

Buy 3-5 packs for £2.95 per pack

Dated 12-2026

Quite good value for money overall and trusted by many.

Price:  Buy 1 box of 10 for £4.25 each

           Any 4 boxes for £16.75

                Mix and Match with AAA size as both same price.

                 Date : 03/2032

                 Made in Belgium

Maxell Alkaline AA pack of 4

Decent quality 'everyday' battery from a respected brand name. Ideal for toys, radios, torches and other low-medium drain appliances. These will power higher drain appliances but are not really designed with those in mind and will consequently not last as long as a premium 'Industrial' or retail battery.

Excellent price-performance ratio...really good value for money. These are better value than Zinc batteries as even though more expensive will last 2-3 times as long.

Buy 1-3 packs for 80p per pack.

Buy 4 packs for £3

Date :  01-2024  (Out of Date...only buy for testing purposes or TV remotes)

Made in EU


Duracell's 'original' battery in its much improved form and in a very popular 5+3 packsize. These are the retail version of Duracell Industrial AA batteries in bright retail packaging. These batteries last longer than 'Simply Duracell'

Excellent batteries performance wise for toys, torches, weather stations. For very heavy duty use you would be better off with Duracell Optimum or even better ...Lithium or rechargeables.

Buy 1-2 packs of 8 for £3.50 per pack

Buy 3 packs for £10.40

Best Before MAR 2027

Made in Belgium

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA /L91 

Newly introduced pack of 10, very useful if you use more than a 4-pack each year. These have an incredibly long storage life and would make ideal emergency stock to store at home. According to Energizer these are the longest lasting disposable AA batteries in the world. Can be used in very cold or hot climates without performance suffering, and are lighter than alkaline AA too if weight is important.

Buy 1 pack of 10 for £19.75 per pack.

JCB Super Alkaline AA pack of 4

Handy size pack of these great value 'everyday' batteries.

Buy 1-2 packs for £1.19 per pack

Buy 3-5 packs for £1.15 per pack.