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AAA Batteries, Alkaline, Lithium and Zinc

Energizer Industrial AAA pack of 10

New to me...Energizers 'Industrial' version of its popular Energizer Max Alkaline retail batteries...but cheaper and packaged in a more compact and environmentally friendly manner.

Great quality, long lasting batteries...will last longer than Philips Industrial and almost as long as Procell equivalent...priced accordingly. My best selling range of AA /AAA batteries.

PRICE: Buy 1-2 packs of 10 for £3.75 per pack

           Buy 3-5 packs of 10 for £3.65 per pack

           Buy 6-9 packs of 10 for  £3.60 per pack

Can mix and match with AA size as both same price

                    Date: Use by 12-2032

                       Made in China

PROCELL Constant AAA box of 10

Duracell's Industrial/professional battery has undergone a makeover...reverted to the original Procell brand from 4-5 years ago although with new label design and colour scheme.

Consistent quality and reliability, excellent general purpose 'everyday' batteries and also good for high drain appliances as Duracell have released capacity figures which suggest these are now similar performance to their 'Ultra' retail battery.

 Price:  Buy 1-3 boxes for £4.25 per box,

   4-7 boxes for £4.15 per box

                   8-9 boxes for £4.05 pr box

Can mix and match with AA size as both same price

             Best Before 2032

             Made in Belgium 


New line introduced by Philips (a Dutch company) to complement their longstanding retail packs. These batteries are packed very compactly to save space and resources and are aimed at the Contract market and Government departments, schools, NHS, companies etc. These are equally at home in the domestic environment and are 'Industrial' packed versions of the Philips Max Alkaline retail batteries...but cheaper.

Excellent value for money and ideal 'Everyday' batteries for most domestic applications...can use them in gaming handsets, DAB radios, torches, weather stations, handheld GPS, meters, gadgets, motorized toys as well as less demanding items like clocks and Tv remotes.

Buy 1-2 boxes of 10 for £3.15 per box

Buy 3-5 boxes of 10 for £3.10 per box

Buy 6-9 boxes of 10 for £3 per box

Can Mix and Match with Philips Industrial AA as both same price

Expiry Date: 08-2031

Made in China

PROCELL Intense AAA box of 10

The AAA version of this new 'Industrial' offering from Duracell.

This I believe is the commercially packaged version of the new Optimum retail battery from Duracell which was heavily promoted just before Christmas. These are much cheaper though...about half the price of the Optimum!

Mix and match with the AA battery at the same price.

BUY 1 box of 10 for £4.95

BUY 3 boxes of 10 for £14.60

BUY 6 boxes of 10 for £28.80

Best Before MAR 2027

Made in Belgium

JCB Super Alkaline AAA pack of 10

Great value multi-pack of this everyday use battery. Ideal for toys, torches, clocks, headlamps,calculators...all sorts of gadgets...excellent value for money...probably the best value AAA alkaline battery I sell.

Buy 1-2 packs for £2.50 per pack

Buy 3-5 packs for £2.45 per pack

Buy 6 packs for £14.40

Best Before 2029

Made in China

Panasonic Zinc AAA 6+2 pack

Great value 'everyday' battery for low power appliances. Ideal for TV/DVD remotes, clocks, calculators, digital timers, occasional torch use...ideal for indoor Christmas lights.

Buy 1-3 packs of 8 for £1.15 per pack

Buy 4 packs of 8 for £4.50

Buy 8 packs of 8 for £8.80

'Mix and Match' with AA size as both same price.

Date: 05-2025

Made in Poland

Energizer Lithium AAA pack of 4

When only the best will do. These batteries are simply superb in digital cameras, MP3 players,photographic equipment, robotic toys, R/C toys, outdoor weather sensors and other very heavy drain appliances. Ideal for use in high or low temperatures as these batteries suffer hardly any drain when not being used unlike alkaline and zinc batteries.

Very long 'Use By' date...2033! Keep some in your house for emergencies.

Price: Buy 1-2 packs for £6.49 pack,

           Buy 3-5 packs for £6.39 per pack,

Can Mix and Match with Energizer Lithium AA packs of 4 as same price. 

Maxell Alkaline AAA pack of 4

AAA / LR03 / MN2400 version of the 'everyday' battery from respected Japanese company Maxell.

Use these batteries in low drain or continuous drain appliances like clocks, TV remotes, Christmas lights (indoor and outdoor) but also good in toys, torches, wireless devices and other medium drain gadgets.

Buy 1-3 packs for £1 per pack.

Buy 4 packs for £3.90

Buy 8 packs for £7.70

Can Mix and Match with Maxell AA Alkaline 4 -pack as both same price

Date: 01-2025

Made in EU

Duracell Plus AAA 5+3 Multipack

Great value 'Everyday' batteries. Ideal to keep in as used in so many different things

Buy 1-2 packs for £3.60 per pack

Buy 3-5 packs for £3.55 per pack.

Best Before 2027

JCB Super Alkaline AAA pack of 4

Great value pack of these popular batteries. Probably the best value for money AAA batteries I sell.

Buy 1-2 packs for £1.19 per pack

Buy 3-5 packs for £1.09 per pack.

Out of stock

Duracell Optimum AAA pack of 8

These are the retail version of Procell Constant 'Industrial' batteries for those customers that prefer the retail packs. Long life, premium battery

for medium-heavy duty applications. As seen on TV.

My price is cheaper than all the supermarkets who charge between £7.50

and £10.50 for the identical product!

Buy 1 pack of 8 for £7.00 or 3 packs for £20

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