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'D' Batteries, Alkaline and Zinc


These quality Alkaline batteries are similar performance to Simply Duracell retail batteries. Consistent and reliable with confidence from a major European brand.

Ideal for torches, DAB radios, toys, baby rockers and other appliances with medium-high drain.

Buy 1-2 boxes of 10 for £9.75 per box

Buy 3 boxes of 10 for £9.65 per box.

Expiry Date 04-2028

Made in China

Last 3 boxes at this price...exceptional value as the 'D' size battery prices across all brands has increased more than most recently as a percentage.

Energizer Industrial 'D' / LR20 / MN1300 box of 12

Energizer equivalent to PROCELL 'D' but longer lasting. Very heavy duty...great for baby rockers, DAB radios, torches, camping lanterns, toys...

Supplied in less packaging than retail batteries...more environmentally friendly and very compact so takes up  less space ...although a 'brick' of these is heavy!

Packed in 12's rather than 10s...a more useful quantity in my view.

PRICE: BUY 1 box for £14.70 per box of 12

           BUY 2 boxes for £29

                   Dated: 12/2029

                    Made in USA


This battery replaces Duracell Industrial...a reversion to the PROCELL branding from 3-4 years earlier! A major re-branding exercise. Going off official 'capacity' figures the new PROCELL appear to be the relabelled equivalent of Duracell Ultra retail batteries and as such should perform for approx 15-20% longer than the Industrial branded batteries they have replaced..Top quality,reliable and consistent.

Buy 1 box of 10 for £11.85 each

Buy 2 boxes of 10 for £23.50  

Best Before 2026

Made in USA

JCB Super Alkaline D pack of 4

Very good value for money alternative to Duracell Plus. Use in DAB radios,torches, lanterns, baby rockers, toys and other high drain applications. 

Price:  Buy 1 pack for £4.50   

           Buy 3 packs for £13

               Expiry date:  2029

                    Made in China

DURACELL PLUS 'D' pack of 4

Very useful 4-pk of this popular battery. Great in torches, motorized toys, baby rockers, radios amongst many other uses. Newly redesigned packaging with possible slight improvement in performance.

Price: Buy 1 pack for £6.50 

          Buy 2 packs for £12.80

           Dated: 01-2032

           Made in USA

Out of stock as of 24/5/2024...More expected early June

Panasonic ZINC D pack of 2

Great for low drain appliances. Good for occasional torch use or older analogue radios NOT DAB radios. Good for toys with no moving parts. Buy these if cost is a major factor otherwise better off with a basic alkaline battery which will be better value for money.

       Price: Buy 1-2 packs for £1 per pack,

                Buy 3-5 packs for 97p per pack

                Buy 6+  packs for 95p per pack

                       Date: 11-2024

                       Made in Poland


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