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21. May, 2022

Updated this table to include the capacities for the new Procell Intense AA and AAA batteries.

18. Aug, 2021

26. Apr, 2021

Restocked JCB bateries

A few days ago I took delivery of more JCB rechargeables (AA/AAA) and also some sizes from their Super Alkaline range to top up and/or replenish my stocks. I also restocked on Panasonic Alkaline 'C' and 'D' 2-packs.
One new line...JCB LR44 /AG13 strips of 10...slightly cheaper than the Maxell 10 strips.

Have just added a brief table with the capacities of the various 'Industria'l batteries
included for comparison purposes. Clink the link or navigate to by clicking on the "Battery Info" heading at left of page on main menu.

16. Oct, 2020

New 4-bay AA/AAA charger from and smart and includes 4 AA 1900mAh capacity batteries for just under £30.

17. Sep, 2020

New stock just in...a new pack size for me of this brilliant disposable AA battery.
THESE WOULD MAKE IDEAL EMERGENCY HOUSEHOLD STOCK...can be used in any AA device in very hot or cold weather without any performance issues. STORAGE LIFE CLAIMED TO BE 20 years...USE BEFORE 12-2040!

22. May, 2020

15. Feb, 2020

New Leaflet...SUMMER 2020 out

I've just printed a few thousand new leaflets to distribute over the next few weeks
through letterboxes as per usual. There are only a few changes from my previous autumn/winter 2019/20 leaflet. I'm happy to email a copy to anyone living in my delivery area...just contact me with your email. For anyone with internet access though, this website is the most up to date means of communication/information/pricing.


Duracell have discontinued their 'Industrial' line in distinctive orange and black packaging and reverted to their PROCELL brand from 4-5 years ago, albeit they have changed the packaging to a two tone grey to make them visually less appealing to customers. Duracell are also making it more difficult for retailers to get stocks of these as they are probably losing money when customers buy these rather than brightly coloured, more expensive retail stock.

To be fair, Duracell have released capacity figures for each of the 5 sizes of PROCELL...(itself a first) which implies that with the increased capacity these are very similar to Duracell Ultra retail it loooks as though in order to move ahead of competition they are now selling their highest spec batteries in new PROCELL guise...intended for ' professional' users...whoever they are!

13. Dec, 2019

I've just taken delivery of several eneloop 8 cell AA/AAA chargers...model BQ-CC63U.
These chargers offer a welcome addition to the eneloop range and come with a 5YR manufacturers warranty! Not cheap but they offer excellent value for money and if you buy some eneloop batteries at the same time, i'm offering a 5% discount off these batteries for a limited time.

2. Aug, 2019

11. Jul, 2019

25. Jul, 2018

5. Jun, 2018

Exchange Rate Implications

As the BBC and other media keep reminding us daily...Sterling is very weak against all other particular the Euro, Dollar and the Yen and Yuan. Almost all household batteries sold in UK are imported from either the US, Japan, China or EU...SO expect significant increases between now and Christmas. Energizer price rises as of Duracell rises announced for September...more details as I receive them. I will delay imposing these rises as much as possible but can't absorb many of the rises so will have to increase many prices when needing to will all other retailers. Apologies in advance.

Energizer Price Increase

I've had notification of some price rises on Energizer batteries from 5th August 2019.

Unlike Duracell, Energizer haven't increased their prices as often, as of the past 2-3 years...because of this some of their increases are quite hefty. Most are around 4-8% increase but the 6v lantern battery PJ996 for example is a 33% increase! I'm guessing that this is because this battery is becoming less popular now as fewer lanterns use this size...lower production volumes usually mean increased unit cost.

I will keep my existing stock at their current prices but will have to increase my Energizer prices after 5th August on any new stock I get in.

New Lines added

Whilst re-stocking on some of my popular lines i've also taken on a few new lines to give you more choice.
PHILIPS INDUSTRIAL...only introduced a few months ago i've taken some size AAA and C to try. These are cheaper than the equivalent Duracell Industrial even though they offer similar performance...making them better value for money.

I've also taken on some of the 4-pack JCB Super Alkaline 9V smoke alarm/toys batteries. These are very good value if you can use a 4-pack.

I've got some Energizer CR2025 lithium coin cells in a popular 2-pack.

Energizer AAAA 2-pack of this increasingly popular size to go alongside the Duracell Ultra version I already stock.

I've got some G9 halogen capsule light bulbs (Eveready) at £1 each for those chanderlier style light fittings

Panasonic Price Increase

I've had notification from one of my suppliers that Panasonic will be increasing prices on their battery range on 1st July 2018. Increases will be in the range between 3% -8%. My Panasonic prices will probably increase from shortly after this date although I will aim to keep any rises as low as possible.

23. Mar, 2018

Latest Ptarmigan Spring/Summer 2018 leaflet out

Just printed today. I'll be distributing them over the next 2-3 weeks...if you would like one sooner contact me and i'll either drop one into you or email you a copy.

1. Feb, 2018

If Paying by Cheque...

I've had to increase the minimum spend if paying by cheque up to £8 (from £7) due to an increase late last year in bank charges. Apologies for this but a large chunk of my profit on a small sale value was being taken up by the charge for paying in a cheque.

9. Dec, 2017

22. Nov, 2017

21. Nov, 2017

28. Sep, 2017


During very cold weather Alkaline and cheaper Zinc batteries will perform less efficiently than they do in higher temperatures...they will run down more quickly, take longer to recover when warmed up and will self discharge more quickly when not in use. If you are looking for reliable performance in winter conditions you really need Lithium batteries which can operate with no ill effect in the worst of UK weather conditions. I do the Energizer and Philips AA and AAA batteries. They are not cheap but well worth it in during the winter.

I've introduced eneloop AA and AAA rechargeable batteries after several requests for these batteries. Packs of 4 in the Pro line and multipacks of 8 in the special edition 'Expedition' packaging.

New Winter 2017 Leaflet out

I've just finished copying quantities of my new leaflet for Winter 2017 and will be out late Nov/ early Dec distributing them. Should you not receive one or wish to get it earlier than you might otherwise, I can email it to you if you contact me with your email address.

Email me at


Yet another Duracell price increase from 2nd October 2017 folks. This will be the third such increase this year and will be generally another 8-15 % to me. I'll try and restrict the rise as much as possible but i'll have to increase many Duracell prices by at least 5% during October. Apologies in advance.

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