Battery Sizes

'C' Batteries, Alkaline and Zinc

DURACELL PLUS Alkaline 'C' / LR14

1.5v 4-pack

Very useful sized pack of these newly packaged Duracell batteries. The Duracell Plus range are longer lasting than the cheaper Simply Duracell and will be perfectly adequate for most users being ideal in torches, radios, weather stations, door bell chimers, toys , medical gadgets and lots more.

Buy a pack of 4 for £5.35 or 2 packs for £10.50

Dated: 01-2032

Made in USA

Energizer Industrial 'C' / MN1400 /LR14 Box of 12

New addition to my range...excellent performance and in a very useful 12-pack size. In my view the 12-pack is more useful than a 10-pack due to the multiples that will divide into 12 without any remainder...1,2,3,4 and 6. 10-packs will limit you to multiples of 1,2,5.

These batteries are also longer lasting than the Philips Industrial BUT also PROCELL as well...and they are cheaper than PROCELL...better value.

Great in toys, torches, weather stations, doorbell chimers, radios...

Buy 1 box of 12 for £10.60

Buy 2 boxes of 12 for £21

Date: 12/2030

Made in USA


These batteries are the latest iteration of Duracell's Industrial/Professional battery. 

Useful for all applications requiring medium-high power...torches, weather stations, doorbells, radios, motorized toys, wireless alarms and central heating controls.

PRICE:  1 box of 10 for £11

            2 boxes for £21.80

            Dated: DEC 2032

                Made in USA

Panasonic  Zinc 'C' size, pack of 2

 Very good value for use in low drain appliances like non motorized toys, clocks, occasional torch use, analogue radios (NOT DAB), doorbells ...

Price:  Buy 1-2 packs for £1 each,

            Buy 3-5 packs for 97p each

            Buy 6+ packs for 95p each

            Dated 02-2025

            Made in Poland

JCB Super Alkaline 'C' pack of 2

Great value alternative to Simply Duracell ...similar performance but much cheaper. Excellent in toys, weather stations, fires and wireless heating controls. Good for torches and radios also.

Buy 1-2 packs of 2 for £1.75 per pack

Buy 3-5 packs of 2 for  £1.70 each

Best Before 02-2027

Made in China

PANASONIC 'EVERYDAY' Alkaline 'C' pack of 2

Longer lasting than cheaper Zinc batteries, these are excellent value, general purpose for toys,torches, doorbell sounders, radios and many other appliances and gadgets.

Buy 1-2 packs of 2 for £1.65 per pack

Buy 3-5 packs of 2 for £1.60 each

Use by 01-2028, 

Made in Belgium

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