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Battery Sizes

Speciality Batteries

AGFAphoto LR44 / AG13 Alkaline 1.5v button battery strip of 10

Excellent value strip of 10 of these very popular button batteries.Found in all sorts of appliances ...from toys to bank card readers to micrometers. Long dated.

Buy a strip of 10 for £2.20

Buy 3 strips of 10 for £6.40

Expiry date: 03-2030

Made in China

Energizer E23A / A23 12v pack of 2

Also known as 23A / LRV08 / MN21

Used in remote controls for some garage doors, roller blinds...also very popular in outside doorbells.

Buy 1 or 2 packs of 2 for £1.95 each pack.

Buy 3-5 packs for £1.89 per pack.

Best before 03-2024

Made in China

          GP Super Alkaline 'N' / LR1 1.5v

Twin pack of this alkaline battery which is found in many carriage clocks and increasingly in some fishing alarms.

Good quality battery from a trusted brand.

BUY 1 pack of 2 for £1.75

BUY 3 packs for £5.00

Dated: 06/2024

Made in China

Duracell 'N' pack of 2, (MN9100/LR1) 1.5v

These batteries are used mainly in Carriage clocks. Good value twin pack by a major brand.

Buy 1-2 packs of 2 for £1.95 each pack,

Buy 3-5 packs of 2 for £1.89 each pack.

Date: 2024

Made in China

Energizer A27 12v Alkaline

Very slim battery, similar in appearance to A23 but even slimmer.

A specialist battery so not easy to find on the High Street.

These are packed in two's.

Buy 1-2 packs for £1.50 each pack

Buy 3 packs of 2 for £4.30

Last few to clear

Best Before 06/2023

Made in China

Duracell 1/3N 3v lithium battery.

Used in cameras and dog collars amongst other things.

Buy 1-3 for £3.49 each,

Buy 4 for £13.50 

Best Before 2025

Camelion 1.5v Alkaline, LR41 / AG-3 /192 ...strip of 10

Very small battery used in some key ring torches, calculators, toys and small gadgets.

Buy 1 strip of 10 for £2.00 or will 2 for 50p

Last clear

Expiry: 10-2023

Made in China