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eneloop 4 cell charger AA /AAA, Model BQ-CC55U with 4X AA 1900mAh 

New model of charger from eneloop at a very competitive price for such a well specified unit that includes 4 AA batteries to get you started.

Compact plug in unit with a UK 3-pin plug. This is a fast and 'smart' charger that allows you to charge from 1-4 batteries at same time and individually analyses each battery to ensure all are fully charged. Each battery has its own charging channel and colour coded 'traffic light' system to tell you the state of each battery when you put them in.

These chargers are great for using with photo equipment, Xbox controllers, toys, handheld GPS, CD players, torches and many other gadgets.

The batteries will last for years, keep their charge for months when not used and save you a small fortune in cash compared to buying premium disposables like Procell or Philips Industrial over the lifetime of the charger.

The charger comes with a 5 yr warranty as it is a premium product.

Batteries are made in Japan, charger is made in China.

Buy 1 charger for £29.95 or 2 for £59

For a limited time i'm offering a 5% discount off additional eneloop batteries when purchased with this charger.

eneloop 8 cell charger AA and AAA, Model BQ-CC63U

New large capacity charger from one of the most respected names (now owned by Panasonic) in consumer rechargeable battery technology.

Versatile, as you can charge from 1-8 batteries which can be a mix of AA and AAA, and even different capacities as each battery has its own charging channel, allowing each battery to be charged to full capacity in its own time independently of the others...this is likely to extend the useful life of each battery and ensure that batteries are more evenly matched when swapped about and used in different appliances.

This charger also charges batteries more slowly than 'fast' chargers... think 'overnight' or 'half a day' as ultimately the batteries will last longer before needing to be replaced by new batteries.

This charger comes with a 5YR manufacturers warranty...a testament to their faith in the quality of their product.

PRICE is £32.50 each or £64 for two.

For a limited time I am also offering a 5% discount off eneloop rechargeable batteries when purchased with one of these chargers.

Ansmann DigiCharger

Very useful 'Universal' battery charger for older cameras which take 3.6v or 7.2v  lithium ion batteries.

Suitable for more than 100 different battery packs with the 4 adaptor plates which are included.

Microprocessor controlled fast charge with Overcharge protection and 'faulty battery' detection.

Comes with UK mains and 12v DC car adaptor

Comes with 3 year warranty for added peace of mind.

£24.50(discounted price.)

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