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                     Eveready PJ996 / 4R25

6v Zinc battery, used mainly in camping lanterns.Not sure i'll be restocking these as many lanterns that used to take this size now have an adaptor fitted which allows for fitting of 4x size 'D'' batteries which work out better value. Let me know if you might still be interested as the replacement cost for these would be between £3.50 -£4.00 !

Buy 1-2 for £2.95 each

Buy 3-5 for £2.89 each

Dated: 08-2023

Made in China

 Last two at this price (12/09/22)

PJ996 and PP9 batteries for lanterns and old radios


9v Zinc battery for old radios like the Roberts' models. Increasingly hard to find. Capacity will be reduced due to older date but should still work with a shorter life.

  Buy 1 for £3.25

  Buy 2 for £6...Price reduced as old date

I won't be restocking these after these last few have sold.

                                       Best Before: 11-2019

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